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After more than 30 years as a successful litigation attorney, Colleen Barrett is now dedicating her skill, background and experience to bringing parties together to reach a fair resolution of disputes. 

Plaintiffs want a mediator who will listen and make them feel they have been heard. 

Defendants want a mediator who understands value and risk. 

All parties want a mediator who aids them in looking at the strengths and weaknesses of their case and in overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of a durable resolution to their dispute.

Colleen is that mediator.

Now Offering Online Video-Conference Mediations

Accelerate your progress toward resolving your cases, while providing a method that complies with current recommendations for social distancing. Zoom video conferencing offers simple one-click access to join a mediation.  Breakout rooms provide privacy. Clients often feel safer and more comfortable being in their own homes. 

Please feel free to call us if you would like more information on holding a video-conference mediation.

What other attorneys are saying about Colleen: 

 “Colleen is a top notch mediator. She works very hard to get the case settled, including putting in time both before the mediation to get familiar with the issues and after the mediation for follow up work if necessary. Her experience as a defense attorney makes her very respected in both rooms. I always enjoy working with Colleen because she works hard, she gets the job done, and she is great with clients.”
 — Ann H. Rosato, Peterson Wampold Rosato Luna Knopp

 “I recently completed a very successful mediation with Colleen that involved both complex legal and damages issues (a UIM claim, and a PIP and bad faith lawsuit) and challenging human dynamics (three sets of lawyers, two institutional clients, and a personal injury claimant with a professional background). Colleen was pleasant, knowledgeable, and tireless in her efforts to facilitate a favorable resolution of the two matters. I thought she did a great job, and I would recommend her to others.”
 — Lawrence Gottlieb, Betts, Patterson, & Mines, P.S.
“ Colleen has settled every case I have mediated with her including at least one that was 'impossible' to settle. Her demeanor puts parties at ease while her knowledge and experience gives them the confidence they need to make the best decision. Simply put, Colleen gets the case resolved and I highly recommend her services.”
 — George Mix, Mix Sanders, PLLC

 “Colleen Barrett as a mediator has the essential qualities of patience, fairness, wisdom, judgment, and the proven ability to successfully mediate disputes; all of which makes her an excellent mediator.”
 — George Kargianis, Law Offices of George Kargianis

 “As a litigator, Ms. Barrett developed a reputation for thoroughness, professionalism and skill. As a mediator, she has the respect of both plaintiffs and defendants, who trust her judgment and respect her opinions because she brings the skills that served her as a litigator to the table as a mediator."

 — Paul Crowley, Lockner & Crowley, Inc., P.S

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