For Questions & Scheduling:

Phone: (206) 735-9332

BARRETT MEDIATION GROUP, PLLC    PO Box 46426, Seattle, WA  98146

Fees for Barrett Mediation Group

            Colleen Barrett, Judge Theresa Doyle (ret) & Marilyn Sherron

​   HALF DAY: 2 party    $1500 per party          FULL DAY:  2 party         $2750 per party
                               3 party    $1200 per party                              3 party       $2200 per party
                  4 or more parties require full day                       4 or more    $1750 per party

  • Half day mediations exceeding 4 hours and full day exceeding 8 hours may be billed for additional time at the rate of $550.00 per hour.

  • Full day must be booked for on-site mediations more than 75 miles from Seattle. Virtual mediations by video conference are at regular rates.

  • No cancellation or rescheduling fees.